I DO: Keys to a happy Marriage

I DO: Keys to a happy Marriage

A series of twelve striking 14 minutes documentaries. Addressed to all those aiming to marry in the Catholic Church… and to those already married who aspire to stay so…

With an original approach and attractive images, these documentaries show the experiences and advise of over 30 experts from the five continents. They bring together the skills of Psychiatry, Psychology, Gynecology, Theology, Canon Law and Matrimonial Ethics. In addition we hear the opinions of married couples and formally engaged young people.

To watch or download SPANISH version “SÍ, QUIERO: Claves para un Matrimonio Feliz”: https://encristiano.vhx.tv/products/si-quiero-claves-para-un-matrimonio-feliz
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I DO: Keys to a happy Marriage

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